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Building the largest Developer Organization on the Blockchain .




FairMeme Algo LaunchPad is a decentralized fund-raising protocol on the Algorand Blockchain set to give more power to investors seeking for innovative startups and projects on the Algorand Blockchain.


FairMeme Org provides 2 lockers:
. The Token/Liquidity Locker: To ensure security of investors funds.
. The Team Locker: To help each project team member receive their allocation once their vested period expires.

Developer portal

We are building an open and simplified developer portal for all developers to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem with their knowledge to aid and encourage other developers to gaining easy access to APIs and various tools for development.


The FairMeme Org will develop a governance protocol which will give investors more power and reduce their investment risk, making investments in startups safer.


Token Allocation

FairMeme_Algo ($FMA)

ASA ID: 547405153

FairMeme Token ($FMT)

ASA ID: 547417573

FMA Tokenomics

FMA is the official utility token of the FairMeme Org used across all the FairMeme platform. Some Utilities include but not limited to:

1. Access to FairMeme Org services.

2. Transaction fees.


The FairMeme Org will put in place a deflationary system which will occur every two quaters. Using 20% of its revenue to buy back the FMA Token and hold up in the FairMeme Org reserve.


. 60% of assets bought back will be burned
. 40% will be locked up in the FairMeme Org Reserve.


The FairMeme Org will provide a deflationary reward system which will be set to reward IDO participants and FMA Liquidity Pool providers.

Annual Release for Staking Rewards

3,000,000 FMA for 2 Yrs
2,000,000 FMA for 2 Yrs
1,000,000 FMA for 2 Yrs

Unlock Shedule

Team Allocation - Unlocked over a period of 8 years.

Token Sale - 100% released to buyers. (60% of remaining Tokens will be burn and 40% locked in FairMeme Org Reserve)

Marketing and Partnership - 25% to be released annually (Only on terms of partnership or marketing).

Estimated Circulating Supply for 2022 - 2023 is 50,000,000

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